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Letter: Protect your kids on the ski hill

Susan Swimm
Vail, CO Colorado

I would like to thank the wonderful community of our beautiful Valley for the support and kindness they extended to me and my family during my son, Scott Swimm’s lawsuit.

This was a strange, stressful and in my opinion totally wrong thing that happened. My 7-year-old child was sued because he was the uphill skier coming down a catwalk in Arrowhead and a 60-year- old man turned and stopped in the center of the catwalk and Scott ran across the top off skis.

Scott was the uphill skier, and Scott, being 7, was at fault as the Skier Safety Act states. I consider our family extremely lucky. We have an umbrella included in our home insurance policy which covered all our legal expenses and the $25,000 the insurance company paid the man in which Scott had this incident with. I would encourage all of you who live here to buy this inexpensive policy and protect yourselves and your children.

I contacted Vail Resorts headquarters the day Scott was deposed and interviewed by the plaintiff’s lawyer’s and asked them to ensure that no other child ever has to go through what my son and my family have experienced over the past five months.

I would like to thank the ski patrollers who try their hardest to keep us safe on the hill. This man and his wife have sued before and settled out of court before, this was round two for them, think about that! These people really exist!

I believe the ski industry is in big trouble if this is the outcome from a family ski day on Arrowhead Mountain.

I would love see children under the age of 10 become exempt from being held accountable for accidents that occur on the mountain, but then I also believe skiing is dangerous and you should be prepared for the unexpected to happen and if it does you don’t try to make a quick buck out of it. But what do I really know of the law? I’m just a Mummy who watched her young son be sued, and it was hard.

I wish we could all be as respectful as my son was that day; I wish that Vail Resorts would pay attention to what has happened and not stick their heads in the sand.

Again, thank you to all who extended warm wishes, phone calls and a good hug when I most needed it, for without you all I would have felt very alone.

Here’s to a happy and safe spring.

With my sincere gratitude to you all.

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