Letter: Public scolding in Vail pointless | VailDaily.com

Letter: Public scolding in Vail pointless

Collin Scott
Vail CO, Colorado

Re: Boys publicly scolded over obscene graffiti in West Vail

This story made me laugh. I didn’t think that the graffiti was funny, but I thought the stupidity of the whole scenario was hilarious. This is a prank that I can see a middle school student doing. The punishment, however, was pointless. The boys were just scolded, you can’t try to make a couple of 17-year-old boys feel guilty by telling them that they should be ashamed. Blaze actually started laughing when they were being lectured.

I also noticed that Vail Daily writer, Steve Lynn has refrained from using the words “he said” in every paragraph. Congratulations, Steve.

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