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Letter: Reaction to Vail Daily letters

Anthony DeMint
Avon, CO Colorado

I would just like to make a few comments on some of the letters I’ve read recently in this local paper. Mostly my comments are reserved for a recent letter titled “Press One For English,” however I have a few others that I would like to mention as well.

Jon Silver, I think you should take the immigration problem a bit more seriously, because, as most of your alternative problems started out as small issues like immigration, they’ve since become the monumental problem your seeking. So much so in fact that we as a country don’t even have the slightest clue on how to solve them. Now Jon, you can propose a lot of “ideas,” but why don’t you give us any solutions? I mean sure they sound great when you write them all out: better health care, affordable housing, lowering unemployment rates, but what are you as an individual going to do about them? Absolutely nothing, just like many other Americans like yourself. I’m not saying I’m a saint, but I understand why these things are happening and like the other Americans like me we want to buckle down on these issues and do something about them.

I find it kind of ironic, Jon, that you would list climate change as an issue before immigration. Especially since that’s something that won’t seriously affect the world for thousands of years versus illegal immigration which if I recall has increased dramatically in the last 50 years. Personally, I see immigration as a huge problem, it’s laid out in front of me every day. Can somebody tell me when I’ll have a seat on the Eco bus? I wait for the bus every morning at 6:12, which is normally late, and when I get on the bus its loaded with Hispanics. How many of them are legal? I don’t know. How many of them speak English? By the sounds on the bus, apparently none of them.

Tell me, Jon, when will I dial a 1-800 number and not be prompted to press one for English? It probably won’t happen in this lifetime. Now as an American should I have to speak any other language to get a quick meal at a local fast food restaurant? I think not, so why do these things happen? Why is it that in some areas general labor employees are laid off or fired for cheaper laborers? I mean clearly, Jon, I can eliminate construction as your occupation ” have you ever noticed the massive amount of roofers, ironworkers, and electricians that are Hispanic. How many American families do you think have been put out on the streets because of these migrant workers? Without jobs how are they buying gas? That wouldn’t raise fuel prices, right? I guess that would cause a lot of foreclosures wouldn’t it? Not to mention lower the value of your precious dollar.

Jon, immigration affects you in a bigger way than you ever care to notice or think about. I can tie illegal immigration to just about every problem you’ve listed. How can we afford to give Americans good health care when the illegals seem to be first in line to any health care we provide?

Oh and Jon: I honestly doubt Osama is waiting outside of your house in a bush waiting for you to unexpectedly walk out so he can get you, or maybe he is ….

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