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Letter: Remembering Erich Windisch

Elena & Sasha WindischVail, CO Colorado

During this year I often thought of next Valentines Day, the first anniversary of Erichs death and as soon as this thought would surface, I would try to dismiss it, I did not want to think what it would be like. I just could not face the day or the date. As the day approached, my thinking changed as I recalled Sashas words when she spoke at the memorial: Im convinced that the reason my father chose Valentines Day for his passing was to further express his loving nature. He loved everyone, but none as much as my mother and I. He was the best (husband and) father anyone could ever ask for. Though this day will bring sadness for the irreparable loss, at the same time it will always remind us of the great and glowing love Erich has for Sasha and that we have for our beloved Papa as Sasha would call him.Erich, we will keep your spirit and memory alive with the same love you showed us throughout life and depicted in your paintings of the mountains where you captured their alluring and distinctive beauty that emulates your passion for: Ski jumping, of which you always said soaring through the air is the most thrilling and exhilarating experience; Skiing and climbing, where you could enjoy, appreciate, and take in the beauty of the mountains; Teaching skiing, where you felt great satisfaction, especially when beginners smiled as they linked their first turns, sharing with others your joy and passion for the snow sports; Painting, where you could express and capture your love for the mountains; Life, that you lived to the fullest surrounded by the family you loved.We will love your forever, and remember you for always! Happy Valentines Day!

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