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Letter: Road rage outside Edwards

Bambi Forbes
Edwards, CO Colorado

Why would a gray-haired old man and his wife in their speeding silver SUV stop to scream obscenities at a snowplow driver who, while plowing her driveway, ran out of gas and couldn’t yet remove the trailing snow-slush chunks from Squaw Creek Road?

I understand how snow chunks could derail a 60 mph SUV on a 35 mph road, and how inexperienced drivers might fear crossing a patch of snow. But why call me names and curse me for using my cell phone for its intended purpose, to summon help?

Some of us live here. You are welcome to visit, purchase your multi-million dollar real estate and ski on the good days, but please respect the rest of us (and our speed limits) as we go about our daily work in this extraordinary place we call home.

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