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Letter: Road rules for Eagle Co. cyclists

Jen Stenseth Rogus
Vail CO, Colorado

I was driving up to Potato Patch, turning off of the North Frontage Road onto Red Sandstone Road, and a forgotten normal summertime occurrence happened for the first (but definitely not last) time: I was cut off by a bicyclist who was crossing Red Sandstone on that bike path. This happens all the time ” mentioned it to another gal I work with ” she said she almost hit one last season and then the bicyclist flipped her off as if she didn’t have the right of way. There are stop signs at street corners for bicyclists, and yet they blow through them nearly every time. I think the Vail police should start writing tickets.

Cyclists often get so arrogant about the automobile drivers’ rules of the road and consideration, and yet they fail to obey the very simple laws laid out for everyone. They complain if someone gets too close, even when they are riding two or three abreast. But drivers will likely be charged if they hit a cyclist, even one crossing through an intersection illegally, and that driver would also likely be completely ridiculed for not being considerate of the (inconsiderate) bicyclists by letter writers everywhere.

OK ” rant over ” just thought it was a good time to do a rules of the road piece to keep everyone happy and safe on the roads.

For what it’s worth, I do bike, but I am smart enough to 1) stop at all stop signs on the bike path and 2) know that a car can smoosh me like a bug, or at least cause months of pain and suffering if I get in front of them while they are moving!

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