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Letter: Ron Paul could save us

Tavius Sims
Fort Collins
Vail CO, Colorado

For the record, I’m going to go out on my limb and tell you that our poor country is going to crumble before your very eyes. I’ve tried to bite my tongue over the last couple years but through the very education I’ve received I feel I need to pass it on.

Our government is a complete fraud and our dollar may lose another 50 percent by the end of 2008. There are laws on the books that now may imprison you for your own debt. If you are unable to pay your own college loans off per a specific date, laws that are pending may lay you in prison. This is no joke.

I’m afraid for us. There is a reason we need Ron Paul, Republican presidential candidate, because he stands courageously in the wake of an assassination attempt to spread the truth about our dire future. We entrench ourselves in stupid wars, we are bankrupting ourselves, selling out all our jobs. The only growing sector of our economy is the restaurant industry. You wonder why so many restaurants are springing up all over the country, that’s all we have left. Wake up America! How many times must I repeat myself. Listen and learn, go on the internet, turn off your television. Ron Paul is our savior, we need to talk about him in every conversation throughout the day.

It’s all about Ron Paul. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Ron Paul for president. All of the other candidates are bought and paid for. They are clones, crooked and wrong, god bless Ron Paul. He is the hero of my life.

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