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Letter: Ron Paul is GOP’s only hope

Kenny Karolchik-Griffin
Vail CO, Colorado

Putting a Thunderbird emblem on a Chevrolet, doesn’t make it a Thunderbird. It’s still a Chevrolet.

It says (R) on McCain’s registration card, yet you Limbaugh/Hannity types out there are waving the banner for a turncoat who is no more of a Republican than Dianne Feinstein is.

He wants to drag Vietnam III out forever if it takes that long. He wants to close gunshows. He wants amnesty for illegal immigrants and allow them to tap into our Social Security system.

He co-sponsors bills with Ted Kennedy and Russ Feingold, which is a direct threat to our First Amendment rights of freedom of speech.

John McCain should be running in the primaries with Hillary and Obama. He looks better over there.

Bush hasn’t taken us far enough out to the city dump, now we all need to get behind McCain and finish the job, eh?

Ron Paul is the only candidate capable of getting us out from under the bureaucratic thumb of the most corrupt government in our country’s history, which is why the liberal media has worked 24/7 to keep this man squelched, but it is coming unravelled throughout this grassroots movement.

Any right-winger out there who calls himself a real Republican, owes it to himself and his country to check Ron Paul’s voting record in Congress, and listen to what he has to say. Then go to the polls and support this man. He IS one of us.

Wasted vote? You’d better think on that a minute. Whoever the Democrats select as their candidate will be able to count on full party support. They may disagree during the primaries, but come November, they’ll vote for the devil himself if his is the name that has the (D) after it. They don’t think, they just vote straight ticket because that’s what mommy and daddy always did.

Ross Perot was hard proof that a lot of Republicans vote for the good of their country, not the good of their party, and handed Bill Clinton the White House on a silver tray.

Supporting McCain is the wasted vote, because he can’t beat Obama or Hillary, either.

In a society of tight elections, highlighted by Supreme Court decisions and “hanging chads,” McCain must have total GOP support to have any chance at all of winning in November. It’s not going to happen, because there are too many of us old Reaganites out here who know McCain for the closet Democrat that he is.

Ron Paul CAN beat the left in November. If given the nomination, even the media will have no choice but to give him equal time in debates that will clearly show the voters what needs to be done.

Oh, you window dressing Republicans out there. You sing the praises and wrap yourselves in our flag. Our flag that Obama won’t wear on his lapel. Our flag that is being shredded by McCain’s attempt to follow Bush’s dismantlement of our very Constitution.

Ron Paul. Check his voting record. If our Constitution forbids it, he doesn’t vote for it. That’s putting America FIRST, and that’s how it SHOULD be.

Now, some of you old Limbaugh-fed diehards out there are still going to come up with that old time-tested “Well, at least McCain is still better than Obama.”

Are you tired of that by now? This lesser of two evils garbage is one of the prime reasons the United States is headed down the toilet. The media works overtime to convince you that you have no other choice than to vote for one of the names they show you on a continual basis. They rely on your trust in THEIR judgement, not your own. All you need to be concerned with is who will be the winner on “Dancing with the Stars.”

Don’t waste your time checking up on who the crooks are in Washington, D.C. CNN/FOX will keep you “informed.”

If you are your own thinker, and care about what happens to all of us, then visit http://www.ronpaul2008.com. Our Republican Convention is May 30 and 31. Informing yourself isn’t much of a sacrifice, is it?

And just remember, if it comes down to Florida’s “chads” again, any support less than 100 percent won’t get ‘er done against the party that wants the White House at any cost. John McCain’s fighter plane of 2008 isn’t flying on a full tank of fuel, and there’s no tanker waiting for him.

Kenny Karolchik-Griffin is a Leadville resident. E-mail your guest column to valleyvoices@vaildaily.com, or send a letter to letter@vaildaily.com.

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