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Letter: Say what you think

As a resident for a long while, I have read this whole paper more days than not. I work hard but, in this valley, I have time to read it most days. And the letters to the editor section is one of my favorites. However, despite my bluster and general annoyance to my friends, this is the first letter I have submitted.

My subject is, and case in point, what gets published. Or heard. Or said. 
Before I get ahead of myself, here is my rationale. Today I read something under the “Our View” portion of Thursday’s paper.  I would like to say that the level of disclosure about particularly whom was expressing their views was unexpectedly thorough. And how it should be.  

That piece of honestly resounded with me. The fact that the view took a stance but responsibly had the credibility to be un-anonymous, I was surprised. And I actually broke a smile for a second. 
(Let it be known, that I very much disagreed with the point taken. But my letter here is not about how “Our View” is wrong, but more about whose views are heard.)

I may not be the most credible person to make an argument about who is listened to and who is not. However, I know my thoughts are not less valid than others. As long as we are afraid of our voices not being heard, we have not only forgone our civil rights, but also our belief we have any control. I am not in a position to change much, but if I fear my thoughts do not count, then I cannot change, impact, or help anything. And that is a bummer, dude.

In this very, very strange year, everyone is at a loss. While reading news tonight, I suddenly realized how many sites do not allow comments or heavily restrict it. I know myself, and humbly I realize I might not be right. But I was upset to not see other opinions. If we still feel that our rights are for a purpose, we must exercise our rights.

I have painstakingly tried not to be political in this letter. The point I want to express is that if we have thoughts, it is important that we share them. And as a constant reader, I see the same voices over and over. And, hopefully, I see mine in the coming days.
If not, I’ll have been proven wrong, again. But, I doubt I will be shown to be that naive again. I think this is actually a good point to share.

Alex Arjani


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