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Letter: Secret attacks in Eagle-Vail

Eric Strobel
Eagle-Vail, CO Colorado

The Eagle Vail Property Owners Association is, fortunately, governed by covenants which are terms of the contract that defines the relationships between and among homeowners in Eagle Vail. At their most recent annual meeting, the owners overwhelmingly voted to overrule the board of directors which had unilaterally amended the governing covenants without bothering to check with the owners. The board’s action was improper and the owners appropriately voted to reject this over reaching.

We now have secret attacks on the truth penned by “mtnbkr35,” an individual obviously not brave enough to use his or her own name. This kind of secret cowardice is exactly what the board attempted. When exposed to the light of scrutiny, the board’s action was properly rejected. The secret attack launched by “mtnbkr35” should be as well.

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