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Letter: Sen. John McCain no war hero

Barry Simmers
Vail, CO Colorado

I’m sick of hearing it. He didn’t end the war in Vietnam. He didn’t drop the bomb on Hiroshima to end WW2. He was a pilot shot down like a hundred others were.

He wasn’t the only prisoner in Vietnam ” there were thousands of them, and a lot of them didn’t make it home, those are your heroes. He sure wasn’t the only prisoner that was tortured.

The way the media makes it sound that he is the Messiah of the war and that he was the only one that served. He was a jet jockey like thousands of others were “but he was dumb enough to get shot down” ” and those were his own words.

I was in the Navy from 1965 to 1968 and I had friends of mine that were killed, committed suicide or were maimed for life, and I never saw their name in the front pages of the newspaper; their names are only on the wall in Washington, D.C.

Just because his father was a big wheel in politics is the only reason that he has become a hero and I’m sick of hearing it. He was no different than anybody else that served. If he wants to run for President, then run on his own merits, not on the lives of all the guys that fell in Vietnam. Because he wasn’t any different.

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