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Letter: Shelter animals doing fine

Ali Hasan, candidate,
House District 56

Many read my letter regarding concerns over the separation between the Eagle Valley Humane Society and the Eagle County Animal Shelter, and what impact that might’ve had on the animals. I am happy to report that all animals under the jurisdictions of both the Humane Society and the Eagle County Animal Shelter are fine and healthy.

After being encouraged by friends, I made the personal trip to go and tour the Eagle County Animal Shelter. The employees of our county shelter are very professional and I could personally see that all animals were fine.

Similarly, I was able to spend time with Char Quinn, head of the Humane Society. The animals under her responsibility were also very healthy and fine.

I could tell that the staff of the Humane Society remains hard at work. What I did not understand is that the Eagle County Animal Shelter and the Humane Society are two different entities. Both accept animals for adoption and facilitate animal education and good health.

While the county shelter remains a county entity that is funded by county funds, the Eagle Valley Humane Society remains a private, nonprofit, organization, giving both the ability to take on different tasks.

With the separation, I expect our county shelter to focus more on taking in stray animals, making sure they’re healthy, and readying them for adoption, while the Humane Society will continue to focus on educational initiatives. Both accept animals and prepare them for adoption.

Overall, the people who run both of these organizations are good people, who love animals. I agree that it is too bad to see the two organizations separate, but on the bright side, Eagle County is now home to two excellent animal-oriented groups, who are surely going to keep our valley’s love of animals going strong.

Lastly, I encourage all to consider volunteering time at the County Shelter and/or the Humane Society, especially during this time of transition. Donations and adoptions are also excellent actions at this time. You can find phone numbers below for more information.

Eagle Valley Humane Society ” 970-280-5738. Eagle County Animal Shelter ” 970-328-3647 May peace and love be upon you all!

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