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Letter: Shocked and appalled in Avon

Heather Johnson
Avon, CO Colorado

I am shocked and appalled by the recent comments Mohammad Ali Hasan and his cinematographer made regarding terrorists. Does our House District 56 candidate really believe that we should attempt to learn what goes on in the head of terrorists so that we may better know why they kill innocent people? How absurd! And for Hasan and Crespo to assert that people should feel sorry for what makes these people become homicide bombers flies in the face of Hasan’s first statement that he does not support terrorism. He may not think its good to kill innocents, but he certainly has sympathy and compassion for these evil people. It is never acceptable to kill to further your cause.

I ask you all to demand that Mr. Hasan retract his comments and take a firm and clear stance on the evils of terrorism. Should he not, I ask you to remember his comments when you vote in November. I am embarrassed for the Republican Party.

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