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Letter: Short-term rentals in Eagle-Vail

Eric Strobel
Eagle-Vail, CO Colorado

Responding to “Eagle Vail divided over short-term rentals”: You have your facts wrong. It is simply not true that short-term rentals have “always” been banned in Eagle-Vail. Rather, the covenants that govern Eagle-Vail have “always” banned “the division of Dwelling Units into multiple temporary accommodations.” In essence, bed and breakfast type accommodations have “always” been banned in Eagle-Vail. By contrast, short-term rentals have “always” been allowed, at least until the former president of the Board of Directors decided to try (unsuccessfully) to take that property right from the property owners.

Last Wednesday night, the property owners fought back, restoring their rights and voting to remove the arrogant and non-responsive board members who had tried to take their rights.

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