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Letter: Shouldn’t have signed petition

Julie Johannes, Minturn

Several weeks ago, I signed the petitions to bring the Battle Mountain annexation to a public vote in Minturn. I felt it was important for the public to have a voice in the decision.

When I signed the 11 petitions, I was told that each one was an individual tract of land. What I was told and what I signed, don’t exactly match up. Two of the petitions were against the mayor’s authorization to sign agreements related to the annexation. I can think of no more appropriate representative of the Town of Minturn to have sign such agreements. In hindsight, I would not have signed these two petitions had I not been distracted by the spirited conversation of the two individuals that were eagerly awaiting my signatures. My mistake!

Since then, I have joined the Minturn Citizens for Annexation and am glad that there is a group helping to educate the citizens on the net benefits of the annexation. I like the idea of the town being able to leverage its partnership with a developer to the tune of a $180 million benefit to Minturn. If you vote no, you are only voting away your power to leverage that partnership. It’s doubtful that this project will go away just because citizens vote not to annex the land.

With that in mind, please make sure to vote yes on all 11 questions on the May 20 ballot.

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