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Letter: Shouldn’t suppress reality about Eagle Co. shooting

Tom Wessel, Avon

Re: Letter to the editor, “Take your quotes seriously,” by Davey DeChant.

Mr. DeChant, it seems that you can’t handle reality, or at least wish to suppress it.

Where you see inappropriate reporting by Steve Lynn regarding the Vail Pass pileup and the recent shooting, I can see its value. If Daniel Daurte’s referencing the shooting as “… pretty bad, I guess,” had been omitted, we would never have known such of such a perspective.

It goes without saying and without a lecture from you that when people die or are shot it is horrible. Just as horrible is hiding the way other people in our world actually feel.

If you need to vent and lecture, direct it towards Daniel Daurte for his comment and apparent lack of comprehension of a serious situation, not at Steve Lynn for relaying it.

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