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Letter: Singin’ the ‘Ginnturn Blues’

Ike VeloomVail, CO Colorado

So theres a guy named Ginn and hes gonna move-in. Hes got a lot of money and hes got a lot of kin. Some people say his developments a sin, But others just sit back and grin, Thinking about the dollar signs he might bring in. But do people really know what the project entails?Some houses on a hill, ski lifts, a golf course, and a hotel. Oh and dont forget the Superfund site cleanup, a bike path, & rec center for us. A new waste dump in town is part of the deal! With Minturns own citizens paying for its upkeep.Oh and how many dump trucks and flat beds will roll down Main Street, With the railroad not yet agreed to transport Ginns goods. How many days of bulldozing will it take to clear several hundred acres of land. What will Minturn really benefit from Ginns plan.When the bulldozers roar and the train delays, You may be wishing you had back those peaceful days. Instead your town will be filled with traffic and noise The gateway to your Holy Cross Wilderness will be destroyed. Paved over by parking lots, hotels and 36 holes. Ginns greens fees wont bring back the dear, elk, and coyote, Scared out of this key wildlife corridor.His private resort will bring a new species though. Ready to revel in private lift accessed snow. But only to ski a few blue runs for week or two, And return to some other million-dollar home. They will call themselves Minturn citizens. Oh what a different place it will be 10 years from now. Its up to us to determine how!Now Ill never trade one tree for another golf tee! We need more real locals and less tourists if you ask me. And Ill always pee on Ginns No Trespassing sign. No matter what the fine. Minturns not Ginns, its yours and mine. Standup and demand a town vote Dont be bought by some developers dime!

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