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Letter: Sky’s not falling, Minturn

Brian Canepa, Minturn

I have been reading the many letters regarding the annexation of the Ginn property into Minturn. I find myself as a supporter of the project. I feel the argument for the project has more merit than the argument against.

People have said our small town will be lost. Well, if that means we will replace an antiquated infrastructure, build new and finish recreational facilities, and regain our water rights then I think we can become a little bit bigger.

Our town has been operating on a budget that has not kept up with the town’s needs for improvements and maintenance. This project will increase our operating budget five-fold. With this budget increase we will be able make much need improvements to our town

I have also read that the campaign for the annexation is being run by a professional ” not true. I have lived I Minturn for 21 years and the people who are campaigning for annexation are longtime residents and new ones. The town council has also been accused of conspiracy ” once again not true; these people are neighbors and good people devoted to Minturn.

Finally the letters that have been in opposition remind me of the story of the chicken that tried to convince everyone the sky was falling. Minturn, the sky is not falling. If we vote yes to all 11 questions the sky will be the limit. Let’s control our future.

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