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Letter: Slow down on Edwards B&B parcel

Frank and Lynn MatthewsEdwards, CO Colorado

As a 30-year resident of the Vail Valley, I am concerned the county is seemingly fast-tracking purchase of the B&B acreage in Edwards. There has been little to no public input on this ill-conceived plan, and most of us rank open space and wildlife high on our list of priorities. I acknowledge that the business owners would like us taxpayers to foot the bill for affordable housing for their employees, but I hardly see where that is our responsibility. As I understand it, there are only 25 acres of developable land at that site, and I dont believe the Corp of Engineers would ever agree to filling in wetlands or flood plains, so the actual building area is quite limited after you subtract the necessary acreage for roads, open space, utilities, parking etc. Also, traffic on Highway 6 is nearly impossible as it is, and there are new housing developments already approved that will add still more congestion and pollution to our already over-developed valley. I urge a go slow approach to this scheme, perhaps hiring a land use specialist, and getting a broad consensus before spending our taxpayer dollars.

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