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Letter: Spetnagel, Deane and Kinney for Eagle council

Darce O'Connor
Eagle , CO Colorado

It’s a good thing there are three seats available for the Eagle Town Board election because it would have been difficult for me to choose between Liz Spetnagel, Roxie Deane and Kraige Kinney. Most of us probably know Roxie and how hardworking she is ” and Kraige, what a solid citizen he is. However, Liz is probably less well-known to the voters. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Eagle voters to this very intelligent, forward-thinking and enthusiastic young woman, whom I’m certain will bring fresh ideas and new insight to this town board.

I’ve known Liz for about five years now and have developed a great respect and admiration for her genuine concern for her fellow citizens and her global intelligence in regard to how best utilize the resources we have available. Besides all that, she has a great sense of humor!

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