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Letter: Stop speeding in Minturn

Frank Lorenti, Minturn
Vail CO, Colorado

At a recent Minturn Town Council meeting, Councilman Tom Sullivan said, “When speeding through town should we stop everybody who speeds through town and get the rap of a speeding trap? … We instructed the police to have some leniency. Ten to 15 years ago Minturn was known as a cop trap. We specifically gave the police direction to stop that.”

Councilman George Brodin said, “This is not the way we want to live.”

Yes, those are direct statements from a recent council meeting.

By those statements I am guessing that Tom and George are worried more about Minturn having some warped image or bad “rap” than with the safety of our children and families.

Amazing that in this day and age, when most small towns have signs up saying, “we love our children, please slow down,” that the Minturn council, specifically Tom and George and Shelly Bellm, bragged that the council told the Minturn police to be lenient with speeders.

Bear in mind that Minturn’s main road is a highway and has no sidewalks, narrow sidewalks that are in different states of disrepair and sidewalks that are not maintained in winter. We also have at times very high traffic volume from commuters. Minturn’s infrastructure leaves a lot to be desired.

I tried walking my daughter to the park one day, I live in south Minturn, where we have no sidewalks. I was, needless to say, scared. We had to actually walk on the highway to the left of the white line in some areas to avoid parked cars. Try that with a stroller.

In closing I would like to ask that people please slow down in Minturn, because even if Tom, George, Shelly, and the rest of Town Council do not value the safety of my child or me, I love my child and value life.

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