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Letter: Tax district for illegal immigrants?

Bill Kiker, Beaver Creek

I see that many are complaining and some supporting the illegal aliens and their children, and the cost of schooling, medical care and all other welfare costs associated with them.

Well I believe that the solution would be to create a special taxing district for the payment of all their entitled benefits. We could get a petition that would require all who want the illegals to pay all cost associated with them. Just get a list of the ones who want them and employ them, divide the cost and tax them the required amount for all the cost, That would remove the objections to them being here and also make available the necessary funds for support.

I believe that the people who are making all the demands of the taxpayers might just disappear from the scene. They just might become extinct like the dinosaurs. How about it? Problem solved.

After all, it seems we have a special taxing district for every thing else, just what would one more taxing district amount to?

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