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Letter: Taxed out of their Vail Valley homes

Bill Kiker
Beaver Creek, CO Colorado

I see that the county commissioners are asking the county school board to get into the affordable housing business. This taxing us taxpayers to give to other people is a violation of the 13th Amendment of what used to be our Constitution! Also I saw a report that under TABOR taxing districts could only de-Bruce for four years and then would have to have another Election.

Of course according to the report this has not been done or upheld. It appears to me that when it comes to decisions regarding the taxpayers and the Screw the Taxpayers Crowd, the Screw us Taxpayers people almost always win! Just why should taxpayers be forced to pay taxes for other peoples homes? Some people could be taxed out of their homes so others can have a home.

Of course, under Bush the Constitution has become a thing in history just like the dinosaurs. Bush in my opinion and belief is by far the worst president in history.

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