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Letter: Taxpayer rights violated

Bill Kiker, Beaver Creek

I see that Gov. Bill Ritter is going to appeal the judge’s ruling that freezing school district mill levies amounts to a huge tax increase that is in violation of the TABOR Amendment to our state Constitution.

Well, I believe that almost everyone who is able to read and understand the amendment knows that Ritter’s decision was in violation of the amendment.

The real decision for the state Supreme Court to decide is do they void part of the Constitution in order to suppress the rights of the citizens?

It should be plain to everyone that the legislature has no authority to override the Constitution. The TABOR Amendment is now part of the Constitution. So if they uphold the tax increases, then they are telling the taxpayers that they almost have no rights.

This huge tax increase has awakened a lot of people, so that in the future, tax increases will be hard to get voter approval, which may be a blessing in disguise.

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