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Letter: Thanks for the comments

Chris Ahrens, Avon

I would like to thank the CheapEnglishmam and KingKrabby for taking the time to read and post web comments on the Vail Daily Web site about my letter regarding the weakening dollar and fuel prices.

I’m obviously not an economics major and am big enough to admit that I’m not always right and don’t know even close to everything. With that in mind, I don’t disagree with most of the comments from either of you. I might have even learned a bit.

I do take offense at the suggestion that I have been “brainwashed by the Republican machine.” I don’t watch Fox News (unless the talking head is really cute) and don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh as I’m sure you’re assuming. I am not a religious person (atheist, actually), I have no issues with gay marriage and I am not seething with hatred with regards to our southern neighbors.

I also don’t dispute the futility of the so-called “stimulus package”. It seems like trying to empty the Pacific Ocean with a pail ” a Band-Aid maybe, but not a solution. I also don’t dispute what the wars overseas are costing us both financially and in terms of human life and suffering by our amazing servicemen and women (I am a Navy vet myself;any Marines reading this feel free to snicker. Semper Fi!)

However, our economy took years to recover after Sept. 11. That was just a taste of what these psychos are capable of (yes, huge mistakes were made by our intelligence community and hopefully something positive came from that). Imagine for a second, an atomic device detonated in New York City or Washington, D.C. or wherever. One word: horrific.

I thank the both of you for your time, knowledge, and civility. These exchanges of ideas and logical debate are how we learn from one another without animosity, and I think only good things can come from that no matter what side of the fence you reside. Here’s to the future!

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