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Letter: Thanks, Vail Health, from a grateful mom

Recently my family and I visited Vail Health for an emergency situation that transitioned to a stay lasting more than three days. While I know there is a huge debate, and controversy, surrounding this institution regarding monies and practices, I find myself compelled to find the good. I will preface everything with this: We have not yet received our bill. But that set aside (and I recognize that is no small issue), I must shed light on the experience itself and the amazing people who serve our community with kindness and compassion.

We arrived on a Saturday morning just before 5 a.m. to the emergency room. From that moment we were treated with respect and given every consideration for care. It was a scary situation involving lots of abdominal pain and discomfort. Through all the tears and unknowns, we were constantly reassured that every measure was being taken to find a resolution. The ER staff successfully connected us with the appropriate doctors to manage our medical needs. As the morning progressed, we were admitted and sent to the second floor. This is where the journey turned into an incredible experience of truly compassionate care.

I write this letter with a heart full of gratitude for the nurses and staff that made themselves available for our every need. In the middle of the night with an extra pillow, warm blanket or simply a kind ear, reminding me, as a mom, to take care of myself while offering the highest quality of medical care to my child. Truly some of the most amazing people this mom has ever met. When your child is in need and your ability to help has been exhausted, it is such a relief to know that someone is there to work with you and offer every measure of support, medical and/or emotional. Monies aside (and I do not say that lightly), I will be forever grateful to the staff of Vail Health for this incredible experience of medical professionalism accompanied by an abundance of compassion. May you never need them, but if you do, rest assured you will be met with quality care and truly heartfelt kindness from those on the front line. Thank you Vail Health staff.

Stephanie Samuelson


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