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Letter: The arrogance of Arn

Mike Lederhause
Vail, CO Colorado

In response to Arn Menconi’s article in the Vail Daily on March 8, he implies that he is one of the nation’s leaders and can disregard the will of the majority and twist the facts to suit his personal agenda .Wisdom does not automatically come with holding an office. As we all know many voters know nothing about the qualifications of a candidate when voting and vote only by party or some other whim. It appears that Arn is reading the wrong books and should be learning about responsibility instead.

It’s been a long time since the vote on the radio system but I believe the proposal was for approximately $3 million dollars, not $10 million as stated, to build an 800 MHZ system. If $10 million was spent on the system it would have taken several commissioners to approve that much for a system that may be getting outdated by now. Good communications is very important to public safety but we had a system in place that worked. The thing that saved AJ was that he was not so arrogant about it.

There have been several times in the past that school bond issues for new buildings failed and they had to make other arrangements to get by for several years until they could go back to the voters and get approval for the funds to proceed. They did not just ignore the majority and start building. More than once the fire departments have had to go back to the voters to get approval to raise the mill levy before they proceeded with building projects. The proposal to raise taxes for new library facilities was turned down by the voters. They still have a need but they were responsible and have not proceeded with a building project. They did the sensible thing and listened to the voters.

If I remember right, $800,000 was suggested for the county’s share of baby sitting in addition to $300,000 that was supposed to be collected from the businesses in the community. Peter Runyon suggested that the community funds be collected before approving the county’s share. Arn Menconi stated they could just take the money from the county reserve if the community did not provide the funds. As usual Peter just followed along and did not show any leadership so the issue was approved.

The last I heard, which may not be final, the community had not provided the $300,000, so the cost to the county may have been $800,000 plus. This was spent at a time when the justice center was reported in dire need of additional space and the commissioners just did not know where the money was going to come from. This seems irresponsible to me. Most of the folks in the county forgo the frills when money is tight, but then again we can’t just vote ourselves a raise.

Most of you folks that will vote in the Eagle town election know that during the first four years that Arn served as a commissioner he was kept under control by the other commissioners. Eagle County has paid the price since then; don’t let him do the same to the Town of Eagle. He cares about Arn, not the kids in Eagle. I believe electing him as Mayor would be a mistake, so if you are new to town, talk to your neighbor that has been here for awhile before voting.

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