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Letter: The Minturn slip

Pete Vance
Minturn, CO Colorado

Dear Citizens of Minturn: I’ve just got to tell ya, I feel like the Minturn Town Council has just tried to slip this whole Ginn annexation process right by us. I feel completely left out in the cold. I’m told to show up at the meetings if I want to stay informed. They’re all tight-lipped out on the street. I’m told by staff that if I’m curious about the submitted public comments ” and I know who spoke them on which date ” that they’d be happy to provide me with a copy. What I would like to see is a list of the public comments made and council and the developer’s response to those comments. I don’t feel like I have to be a detective to be able to find out basic information about a development of this magnitude that affects not just Minturn or Eagle County residents but all users of the White River National Forest.

I’m sorry guys. I love all of you nice folks on council. I even love and respect my ex-wife’s lawyer. You’ve got more time and guts than I do. But now it’s time for the tough love part. I’m over your scare tactics ” Telling us that if Minturn doesn’t annex Ginn, then Eagle County or Red Cliff will be in the driver’s seat. That’s total crap. If they wanted Red Cliff, they would have pursued them in the first place. It would have cost the developer a fraction of what it is costing him to woo Minturn. Eagle County won’t give them the density they think they need, especially when our new county commissioner, Debbie Buckley, gets a hold of them there developers. You go girl! The fear factor is null and void. Ginn needs Minturn’s water rights. Just like he needed to give us a water-treatment plant, as a nice gesture in good faith.

Don’t BS us with these baseless excuses for rushing this thing through the approval process. If I did have the energy to be on council, I would demand, at the very least, better inclusion of my fellow citizens in the information distribution process.

Hey, I’m the guy on the street you have to rub up against at the grocery store and you’re gonna hear all about it if the traffic and pollution and the disruption to my family’s lives and the lives of all the critters in the neighborhood has half the impact that the town’s and the developers consultants say is going to happen. Just talk to us. We’re all good people in this community. We want to be a part of your thought process in this very serious matter that will impact the area for generations to come.

Development isn’t inevitable. It can be controlled, abbreviated, modified and ultimately suited to the best interests of the citizens as well as that of the developer. With a little patience and consideration from our town council, you can keep us in the loop.

If you have similar feelings of being swept away by the winds of change, then visit a website. It is http://www.minturntimes.com. Leave your comments about the impacts of the Ginn development on this quiet, little town and commit to signing our petition to bring the decision to annex the Ginn properties to the voters of Minturn. I know you’re out there. Seven hundred of you voiced your opinion about developing an RV park down the street. This is more important.

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