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Letter: The Minturn Town Council is awake!

Jay Huffard
Minturn, CO Colorado

The Minturn Council was elected by the citizens of Minturn, with their knowledge that the council’s most important job was to evaluate, negotiate and ultimately approve or disapprove the Ginn annexation. Minturn’s citizens in the last election entrusted this complicated and time-consuming job to its council.

Frank Lorenti’s recent letter to the Vail Daily suggests that the Council has not been open and forthcoming about their individual or collective positions during the Ginn hearings. To the contrary, it was made clear at the beginning of these hearings that the process of annexation is governed by Colorado statutes. Under these statutes, members of the council are expressly prohibited from discussing their opinions while annexation hearings are underway.

Moreover, a circulated report – “Battle Mountain Proposed Development Summary” discloses 1) the substantial benefits the council gained from Ginn during the hearing process, 2) the number of public hearings held and 3) the range of documents studied and reviewed. As one looks at the process, it is clear the citizens of Minturn can and should rely on the council they elected!

Tom Sullivan was singled out for criticism in this letter. The thrust of his criticism seems to be that Tom has successfully invested in real estate in Minturn. The fact that Tom has believed in Minturn and taken investments risks here hardly seems reason for castigation. All of us who own real estate in Minturn are likely to benefit from an intelligently negotiated Battle Mountain development. If Minturn passes this opportunity to Red Cliff, will we reap the same rewards?

Mr. Lorenti is a passionate Minturnite, who champions many important community issues, and as such is to be applauded. However, his call for citizens to exercise their “constitutional rights” misses the fundamental point: 1,200 citizens already did this when they elected this town council!

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