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Letter: The school district tax proposal is a tax increase

The Vail Daily recently endorsed the Eagle County School District’s proposed mill levy override. This is more defective thinking by the liberal Daily editorial board. 

Of course, it’s a tax increase. It’s a tax increase after the present tax expires in 2023. It’s a perpetual tax increase with no sunset, like the current tax that expires in 2023. 

The present Eagle County School District tax was passed in 2016, primarily for building improvements, which have now been done. It was for an exorbitant amount equal to almost 10 normal tax increases. If I remember correctly, it passed by around 1,500 votes. Fortunately, it had a sunset in 2023, meaning that the tax ended then.

However, now, during COVID-19, the school board wants to extend this tax in perpetuity, with absolutely no sunset. And, this tax extension isn’t even ripe, meaning that it would not take effect until 2023. Let’s wait until 2023 to see what the financial situation is then for the school district, and then have the board explain to us why we might need to extend it in 2023.

Why should we support any tax increase for any government, after a current tax expires, without it having a sunset? I’m voting a big “Heck No” on this premature, perpetual tax increase, for now.

Michael Cacioppo


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