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Letter: Time for change

Don Greene
Avon CO, Colorado

Call him crazy if you’d like, but Ali Hasan thinks big thoughts and has proposed new, positive ideas to benefit the citizens of Colorado, especially those in HD 56.

Albert Einstein said that “insan-ity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting dif-ferent results.” It’s time for some bold, new thinking and action in HD 56.

It’s also time for a new, inde-pendent voice in HD 56 from someone who’s not affected by the herd mentality nor swayed by Gov. Ritter.

Ali Hasan has learned many lessons along his campaign trail, and he is much the wiser for lis-tening to HD 56 voters. In sort of a crazy, unorthodox way, he will deliver on our expectations.

Don Greene Avon

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