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Letter: Time for new Eagle County leaders

Karl Berger
Wolcott, CO Colorado

It’s time for us to elect our new leaders from a long list of people that think they know what is best for all of us. It really makes no difference to me which party you are representing, as long as you can promise me to keep your hands out of my pockets. I don’t want you to promise me health insurance, housing, babysitting services, or any other over-hyped government program that will end up costing five times what was projected.

When did it become my responsibility to provide all this for anyone but my family? I want you to cut government spending, stop trying to tell me how you can cure all that ails Eagle County with more government. After years of Menconi and Runyon financial suicide, I want someone that will lower my taxes and reduce our government, not create the largest tax increase in Eagle County history. Someone that can say “no” to all their department heads. No more lies about “our revenues don’t keep up with growth.” I want someone that will say, “It’s not governments role to provide you with housing, insurance and daycare.” I want someone that has managed a real-life budget that was actually their money, not a non-profit snowboard club or a postcard photographer who can’t put 2 and 2 together. We need someone to encourage businesses to relocate here and help offset our tax base, not chase them away. Is there anyone out there that can say (and do) these things?

And for all you good people of Eagle, pay very close attention to this letter, it is aimed at your mayoral election too.

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