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Letter: Time to leave Iraq

David Le Vine
Vail CO, Colorado

We know that many of our weary servicemen are being forced to serve multiple tours of duty; furthermore, we’ve been told that many of them are suffering severe mental problems.

We also know that this war is resulting in perhaps $2 trillion of added debt ” all to be passed on to our kids. So why don’t the advocates of staying in Iraq ever address those problems? Mr. Bush and Mr. McCain, as well as many others, should be required to do that as part of a complete package. It’s the ultimate cop-out when they merely say “stay the course.”

Which one of them is going to recommend a military draft to reduce the burden on the relatively few Americans who are now carrying the whole load? And which one of them is going to recommend that we raise taxes to pay for this stupid war?

I think you all know the answer as well as I do ” none of them! Because if those two issues became part of the equation, we would bring our servicemen home right now. We would abandon our unrealistic thoughts about resolving the age-old animosities between Shia and Sunnis and warlords and Ayatollahs and Mullahs and Muslim extremists. We would quickly leave the people of Iraq to resolve their own problems. We would admit that our very presence is the cause of much of the terrorism. We wouldn’t even listen to the “they’ll follow us home” nonsense. And we’d be much better off!

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