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Letter to the editor


A correction

Thank you for the excellent coverage of my presentation on the United Nations Nov. 10. I would like, however, to point out an error. Before looking at the history of the United Nations, I discussed its predecessor, the League of Nations. The-U.S. did not join the League after World War I in spite of President Wilson’s vocal support. I said that Britain and France were too traumatized to act decisively even though they both joined the league. All three of these nations joined the United Nations in 1945.

Re: your quoting me on leaving the private sector for the U.N., it should read “Leslie wouldn’t leave a well-paid career in the private sector to spend the last 13 years working for the U.N. if he-THOUGHT (delete “didn’t think”) the institution was beyond repair.”

I hope that your readers will join in-ongoing discussions on the role of the U.N. and how we can make it more effective.

Peter Leslie


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