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Letter to the Editor

Stuart "Boots" Gordon

Editor’s note: A few weeks ago, Don Rogers, head of the “muse” department, wrote about the meaning of life and prodded readers for their thoughts about this subject. Along with wise advice from some to embrace the Bible and another book to read and ponder over, we received this response from Stuart “Boots” Gordon. It seemed worth sharing. (end ital)


Mine, maybe is best described in this imaginary dialogue with my granddaughter, which will be on our Web page when we get it registered.

Dialogue with a granddaughter

5 Nov 03

“PaBoot, when are you going to build your town?” asked my youngest granddaughter.

“We’re starting right now, Sammie, but it’s not “my town.’ It’ll be owned by all the people living there. I’m what they call a catalyst, someone that helps things happen.”

“Will it happen, PaBoot?”

“Lots of people have dreamed of building a town where people can live a better life. Way back in 1516 an Englishman named Sir Thomas More wrote a book called “Utopia.’ He wasn’t very optimistic because the word “utopia’ means “nowhere’ in Greek. But now it can happen, Sammie.”

“How come now?”

“Our City of Light could have been built earlier. Mankind knew how to pool money. Today we call this “incorporating,’ but we didn’t have the tools either scientific or social back then. And the rich never wanted to share.”

“Why didn’t they want to share?”

“That’s a good question, Sammie. Maybe they thought they’d lose if they showed others – especially the lower classes – how to make money. You see, Sammie, they thought life was one big Monopoly game; you won or lost. We call this the “Fixed Sum Theory’ or the “Win-Lose Theory.’ Today we know that competition is wasteful.”


“Yes, competition is wasteful socially, emotionally and economically. When you get older, you can read the book “No Contest,’ by Alfie Kohn. Until then, just believe your old granddad that cooperation can accomplish much much more.”

“Are you a socialist, PaBoot?”

“No, nor a communist – that’s the old Russian form of socialism. You see, Sammie, these two ideologies pitted their camps against the capitalist camp like pit bulls in a ring. Whenever you try to fight and force something at someone’s throat, they will react, and this is wasteful. Sir Isaac Newton way back in 1666 announced three laws of physics. The third one was, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.’ We believe this theory is true in the psychological, emotional and social areas as well as the physical.”

“So the City of Light won’t be real?”

“Oh yes, Sammie, the City of Light will be really real.”

“Explain me.”

“OK, I believe, and I believe lots of other people believe, that we, as well as everything including the smallest sparrow in northern Canada, were created by a Creator, and that we are still connected to our Creator.”

“Like electric radios, TV, and stuff are connected to the ‘lectricity in our house?”

“Yes, and because each one of us is connected to our Creator, we are connected to each other. Got it?”

“Got it. Except it looks like a lot of people don’t know this.”

“That’s right, Sammie. And that’s why we must build our City of Light, so we can awaken people in our country as well as those in so-called backward nations. We will not only give them hope but we’ll give them a blueprint how to improve their lives. Not 100 years from now, or manana,

but today.”

“How do you know there are people out there who understand?”

“I have another book for you to read as soon as you can, Sammie. It’s called “Power vs Force,’ by Dr. David Hawkins.”

“Does he say there are others as kooky as my PaBoot?”

“Kookier.” (Both laugh.)

“Dr. Hawkins is an MD and a Ph.D., both difficult to obtain; and he had a very successful psychiatric practice (50 therapists working for him, suite of 25 offices, 2,000 patients, etc.) which is even more difficult to obtain. Plus, he had some experiences that we call “enlightening.’ In short, I respect his honesty and his accomplishments.”

“What do you mean, “enlightening’?”

“People are said to have enlightening experiences, Sammie, when they become one with our Creator, or so I believe. Because of these experiences, people can see more clearly than the average bear. They have fewer blockages in their subconscious minds; they can get messages more easily from our Creator.”

“You’ve had a couple of these experiences, haven’t you, PaBoot?”

“Yes, that’s one of the reasons I’m impressed by Dr. Hawkins and his books. One of the most important messages he received and wrote about in his book “Power vs Force’ was that today, for the first time in history, everyone and anyone can determine the truth or falsehood of any statement or event. Dr. Hawkins says there is irrefutable proof that this is possible.”

“Wow! Do you mean that I can tell if my friend Susie is fibbing?”

“Exactly. And you can tell what foods are the healthiest for you, or what book or music will be more uplifting or enlightening.”

“How does it work?”

“Dr. Hawkins explains that everything is energy. You and I are really bundles of molecules with positive or negative charges. Modern physics, he claims, believes that even thoughts have energy and these bits of energy don’t dissipate or disappear. So all knowledge is available to us including the truth about any question even an event that happened a couple thousand years ago, using a simple system called “kinesiology.'”

“Wow, this sounds important.”

“What this means, Sammie, is that we have help designing and building our City of Light, in making the thousands of decisions that will have to be made. This help was always available to mankind, Sammie, but people never thought they were worthy because they thought they were sinful. Or they thought that all information obtained via meditation or experiences such as Dr. Hawkins had, was from the devil.”

“They weren’t very positive, were they, PaBoot?”

“That’s right, Sammie, and because they were negative, they lost their connection with their Creator, who is love.”

“Which is positive?”

“Right on, Sammie.”

“One last question,”


“How are you going to find people to live in our City of Light?”

“I believe people are tired of wars, of the negative. People everywhere are tiring of buying and owning stuff. And people, I believe, are awakening to the real purpose of their short life here on earth. Therefore, I think they’ll be interested in a town that has one purpose: to help people awaken to their connection with their Creator.”

“But how are you going to find them?”

“As I told you earlier, Sammie, we are all connected and thus those who are aware will be attracted to the idea via serendipity.”

“What’s serendipity, PaBoot?”

“That’s a word coined by Jonathan Swift, who wrote “Gulliver’s Travels.’ It means that things can happen by co-inky dink.”

“You’re funny, PaBoot.”

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