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Letter: Too few students took Eagle Co. survey

Barrett Chow, Avon
Vail CO, Colorado

In response to the article “Teen drug use seen as a major problem” I just wanted to say that the survey was not entirely accurate. If you look at the statistics, only 853 students took the survey out of three high schools; two of those schools have more than 650 students each, and that means only a little more than half turned in their surveys.

The drug and alcohol problem is worse than it appears to the community and to its families. The survey isn’t completely accurate. Students don’t always answer honestly because of fear of what happens if it is a scam or if they could possibly get in trouble. Some kids take it as a complete joke and say they have tried to commit suicide 50 times last week, but at the same time have never tried to commit suicide at all.

In all honesty this survey is still sitting in my locker at school because no matter how many surveys you take it won’t solve the problem.

Drugs and alcohol are touchy subjects in the community and when parents start to talk kids start to cover their trails more. Kids don’t like to hear their friends getting called stoners, pot heads, or alcoholics, ESPECIALLY by their parents.

The 142-question survey that was put out to the students also covered a wide variety of problems ranging from suicide to sexual behavior. Why aren’t there articles on teen pregnancies in our school? I know they are there, I have seen them in our hall and around the town. What about the kids who are dropouts? What are the statistics on them? I don’t think it is fair for people to judge or be judged on a survey that was not entirely accurate or even taken by many students, for that matter.

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