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Letter: Town subsidy for Verbatim Booksellers?

Art Pansze
Arvada, CO Colorado

I too am sad that Vail may soon be without a bookstore. However, I strongly object to any town or public subsidy for Verbatim Booksellers. Do we subsidize other private businesses that are failing? Is it possible that the problem may be poor merchandising and management? Mr. Aikens has consistently greeted customers with prominent and one-sided displays of political books and has at times conducted biased political discussions in the store that customers could not avoid overhearing.

These are very certainly Mr. Aikens’ right. However, as many in private business realize, some people vote with their dollars and would rather purchase books at a more politically neutral bookstore. My experience has been that most people do not choose to do, or not do, business with a particular store or person based principally on political affiliation. Yet there are obviously individuals who prefer not to be subjected to propaganda while in a bookstore.

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