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Letter: Trash Vail Valley garbage policy

Alan M. Aarons, Edwards

As of last week it has become an ordinance in Singletree, and, I suppose, in other valley communities, that we provide special, “wildlife-proof” garbage containers, and that these will, henceforth, be the only receptacles serviced by our local garbage company.

Prior to this new ordinance, there existed another ordinance that required our containers to be put at the curb only on the day of scheduled pick-up. The reasoning was that, left overnight, there was the possibility of the containers becoming “attacked” by bears or other “wildlife”. So, now that I am “wildlife-proof”, can I place the container at the curb the night before?

As to the wildlife, having lived in the Singletree subdivision for 22 years I have yet to see any “wildlife” beyond the many deer that roam freely. I have been informed by knowledgeable people that deer do not forage in garbage cans, eating only grass and assorted shrubbery. I have never seen, heard or smelled a bear, but in all fairness, I did see a mountain lion once as well as a number of foxes (or maybe the same fox a number or times).

The new “container” was, as required, purchased from the local garbage company for $225, or $200 if one had an old company container to trade in. I didn’t. The container itself holds more garbage than my wife and I manufacture in a month. There was no option. One size fits all.

When I arrived, as directed, to the rest stop in Edwards, to pick up my new container it occurred to me that the thing would never fit into any ordinary car. Unless you owned a truck, SUV or full-sized station wagon, you could not transport the thing. However, in such cases, the garbage company did provide a delivery to your house for a nominal fee of $25.

About the container: It weighs (empty) about as much as a small car (an exaggeration). It is very heavy. While it does have two wheels, an average, well-conditioned, senior citizen will have difficulty schlepping it from house to curb when filled. This is especially true if the person’s driveway happens to be long, or tilted, or both, which many are in this community. But, apparently, it is the only container that works with company’s new “lift system”.

The good news is that, now, I can rest assured that my garbage is free from the relentless bears, wildlife and space aliens that might possibly roam the darkness whilst I sleep … that is, of course, if I may put my garbage out the night before. May I?

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