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Letter: U.S. critics can leave

Tara Bicknell Edwards
Vail CO, Colorado

My birth certificate states the U.S. as my home, but I have lived, worked, learned languages and made friends in many other countries.

Similarly, this valley is heavily supported by hard-working seasonal employees from all parts of the world. Living amidst such diversity, it is no secret the U.S. has a tarnished reputation. But agreeing with the criticism just to pacify ” or disrespecting the country to prove a point ” isn’t helping. Until working in the Vail Valley, I have never seen so many foreign workers complain about and abuse the place they chose to work and live, and still return to it every year.

For those of whom I speak, is it so much to ask for some respect for your host country? Why is it so popular to condemn Americans when we all know there are segments of every country in the world that are “ugly?” I call on those of us — citizens and visitors alike – who know the U.S. as a unique, progressive, tolerant, welcoming, profitable home to stand up, not in aggression or protest, but in calm, unified agreement, and be ambassadors. It’s time to correct our reputation. If you are not a citizen and like it here, say so. Thank you for being here. Likewise, if you are visiting and don’t like it, there are many other mountains in the world on which to work.

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