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Letter: United States needs to stay out of Israel’s business

Do you hear the drumbeats?

I’m not referring to the amazing music at Bravo! Vail or Vail Jazz concerts, but rather to the 2020 elections. In case you’ve missed it, the drumbeats are starting and will be in full force soon. 

Whether it’s the suddenly “new border crisis” or “Russian interference,” get ready, it’s coming!  

This week Elizabeth Warren was asked, “When are we going to stop Israeli occupation.” Her answer was “I’m there.” The fact that the question was asked by “American Jews” (pointed out by the media) and then answered by one of our presidential candidates, raises major issues.

Here we are complaining for the last two years about Russian interference in our elections, but it’s OK for us to interfere or attempt to influence another sovereign country’s policy. Remember President Obama trying to interfere in Israeli elections with no media outrage. 

As American Jews or simply Americans, what right do we have to tell Israel how to govern conduct its affairs? We can have our opinions and thanks to the sacrifice of our soldiers, have the freedom of speech to voice those opinions. But we have absolutely no right to determine and try to affect how Israel maintains its security and runs its affairs.

While we sit comfortably in this amazing country, we have zero idea of the sacrifices and the decisions that the average Israeli has made over its young history. Unless you live there, unless you have lost a son or daughter in the struggle for survival, please stay out of Israel’s affairs. 

Dan Brajtbord


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