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Letter: Vail bachelor auction a hit

Tsu Wolin-BrownDirector / Caseworker Vail, CO Colorado

Well, its just way past time for us to be thanking the Vail Daily for the really fantastic event that you guys held which, in turn, benefited our organization so very much.I am talking about the Bachelor & Bachelorette Auction that was held at Finnegans Wake. Soo Dawson and Caramie Schnell did a wonderful job at putting everything together, and everyone had such a great time.I would personally like to thank the Bachelors: Gabe Hogan, Chaun Powell, Tom F. Stickney II, John Childers, and Keegan Winkeller, and the Bachelorettes: Kristin LeFevre, Marie Gustafson, Jenna Johansen, Corey Lamothe, and Maria Sison for their good-natured participation in this auction. I do hope that they had lots of fun on their dates. They are all really terrific sports.This auction netted nearly $3,000, which the Vail Daily then donated to us, the Salvation Army. This is an amazing amount of money with which we can benefit the many needy families in the Vail Valley. Our resources are used for helping with such things as: housing, utilities, clothing, medical situations, and of course, always, food. Our Food Pantry is open to anyone who needs it throughout the year and so is in constant need of replenishment.Because of the help and support of organizations such as the Vail Daily, and so many others in our Valley community, we are able to continue our work. Thank you so much.

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