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Letter: Vail could’ve picked a better band

Dennie Moore, Edwards
Vail CO, Colorado

After seeing the full-page ad and then reading the commentary on the Kottonmouth Kings, I have to say that I’m really disappointed that our community would pay to bring a band like this to Vail and highlight them. Their music may be “fun and well-liked,” but is this the image and message that our community should be sending out locally as well as to the kids from around Colorado who come here for the Spring Back celebration? There are 2,000 or more families in our valley trying to raise teenagers and young adults responsibly, in an already tough atmosphere of resort partying, and we could use the support of companies like Highline Entertainment. There are hundreds of bands out there who play fun and well-liked music, bands who don’t brag about smoking pot in their interviews and have drug and alcohol themes throughout their titles and lyrics. This is this band’s image and they are very straightforward about it. I think we have more class than this.

From East Vail to Gypsum we have incredible kids growing up here, and as caring adults we owe them much more than this.

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