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Letter: Vail councilmen had it right

Kennya Moreno Rascon
Vail CO, Colorado

Wow, who would have thought that two of boys from Battle Mountain High School, not to mention whom I’m graduating with, would do something like this? It’s amazing what stupid things people do. Why do that? I understand that it was meant to be a prank, but that was taken too far.

Vail town councilors had every right to react how they did. It was disrespectful and un-called for! (The “disgusting” part was kind of harsh, but true.) You don’t go on property that is not yours and do something dumb like that.

Want to be doing dumb crap like that, go do it on your sidewalk and see if your parents would like that! I personally don’t think they would, so what would make you think that it’s OK to do it anywhere else?

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