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Letter: Vail Daily ‘boaters’ headline misleading

Ben Roels
Wildridge, CO Colorado

It has bothered me for the last eight years and now I have to say something. The Vail Daily headline Tuesday says “Big snows have boaters excited.” When I hear the word boater, I think of a boat (powerboat or sailboat), not a kayak or raft. These are “rafters” or “Kayakers,” not “Boaters.” Pick up “Boating” magazine. Ninety-nine percent of the boats you will see in that magazine are powerboats. By definition, yes, a raft, canoe and kayak are all boats. If you were to show three different pictures of a raft, kayak, and a powerboat and ask people all over America which is a “boat,” I would guess that 98 percent of them would point to the powerboat. Then they would say: “Oh that’s a raft and that’s a kayak.” Somehow, this erroneous title has caught on around here.

So, my question is this: Why not call them “rafters and kayakers?” “River enthusiasts?” “River users?” You do not categorize “skiers and snowboarders” all in the same group? Both sides may have something to say about that! Are raft guides called “boat guides?” Nope.

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