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Letter: Vail doesn’t have an airport

Jim Gonzales, Minturn

I feel it is unnecessary to change the airport name as a lifelong resident of Eagle County. I cringe whenever I hear Vail Valley. It is not only geographically incorrect, but politically incorrect and is also an insult. I found out some interesting facts that may interest you.

I called several travel agencies here, the Denver area and the one my brother uses when he flies from Fairbanks, Alaska. When I asked what my choices were they referred me to Denver International Airport, Grand Junction and the Eagle County Airport (EGE).

Then I went online and Googled airports/Vail there were many sites to choose from. The ones on the right are the ones I tried first. At Bookit I put in Denver to “Vai” ” I somehow failed to put the L in Vail ” and it directed me to a pop-up that had the Eagle County Airport listed. Delta Airlines also came up as EGE, the Eagle County Airport. Expedia, Cheap Tickets, and every other online site I visited all had Eagle County listed. All the major airlines that fly here also had Eagle County listed.

Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself, then ask yourself if a name change is necessary. Why throw away money that we need somewhere else? By all means, do not consider Vail in any name change. Why should Vail and Vail Resorts benefit when they can’t even fix their parking and housing problems?

Lastly, when do we as a community start to lose our identity? There is no Vail Valley. We live in the Eagle Valley of Eagle County. Geography and political correctness is important to the area we live in. Do not degrade it any further. I would appreciate your response by return e-mail.

Thank you for your consideration.

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