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Letter: Vail heroes

Lucy-Lynn Bauman & Dr Frank ManartVail, CO Colorado

I would like to express sincere gratitude and thanks to the East Vail Fire Department Station Team 1 for rescuing my home Feb. 2. Firefighters Jim Rubidue, Mitch Rams and Jim Jones went above and beyond their call to duty. Vail should be honored to have these good, rough men who perform their duties with swift actions, and no fears. Their missions are constantly demanding and hard. They safeguard the honor and prestige of not only Vail, but their country as well. They are fast, deployable, and in a constant state of readiness. The completion of unknown tasks without fear while ready to move at a moments notice any time or anywhere is where they can be found. They are up front, and display the intestinal fortitude to complete the mission, where many are incapable and fail. Lastly, their humble natures, approachable manners and courtesy do not go unnoticed. These good, rough men who do not shirk duties, allow Vail to sleep safely in our beds at night.Thank you for saving my home.

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