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Letter: Vail improved under Jensen

Gilda and Werner Kaplan
Vail CO, Colorado

Since 1969 we’ve seen lots of changes in Vail itself, and in management of the ski area.

We want to say “thank you” to Bill Jensen for bringing us to new heights in awareness of guest service and responsiveness. Among his many accomplishments is “Plus One”, the ability to solve guest-related problems on the spot.

Bill also has encouraged sharing Vail Mountain through diversity programs such as SOS, Project Victory for at-risk inner city kids, programs for veterans, the blind, and other adaptive programs.

As Project Victory volunteers we want to thank Bill, as well as Brian McCartney, for their support in providing an alternate to gangs for these city kids.

Along with so many others in Vail, we will miss Bill and all he’s done to make Vail a better place. It’s been a great nine years! Even in Vail, where we agree to disagree, we think everyone will agree that Bill has done a lot for us and will be missed.

We look forward to welcoming a true Eagle County native, Chris Jarnot, who will follow in Bill’s footsteps, and take Vail to an even higher level in customer service, guest relations, and employee relations.

So long Bill, as you head North to Vancouver, we wish you the best, and hope you won’t forget that other place that also begins with a V … Vail.

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