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Letter: Vail land proposal needs scrutiny

David Viele
Vail, CO Colorado

To Vail Town Council members:

I read with great surprise the Vail Daily article detailing the proposed development of Town of Vail own land adjacent to the Vail Village parking structure. I can tell you that the idea to develop that property is neither new nor innovative. The property has been discussed and analyzed by a great number of developers and former council members over the many years since the structure was completed. The reason that nothing has been done on the site is simple: the land was not available. Further, the use of the land is governed by covenants that provide Vail Resorts with purview over the land, much like those found on the Lionshead Parking Structure.

Should the town wish to move forward with the development of the land, I would encourage and demand that the town to take the following steps:

1. Ensure that Vail Resorts will allow a use other than a parking structure on this site and waive their rights under the protective covenants; and if so,

2. Determine if the citizenry of the Town of Vail wishes to sell this land such that it can

be developed; and if so,

3. Open the land up to public proposal.

For those of us who have lived in Vail and paid taxes for over 30 years, the idea that publicly owned lands would be traded or sold without an RFP or public input is beyond egregious. You have an obligation to involve the public in this endeavor.

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