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Letter: Vail Valley loses a customer

Clive Kaiser-Davies, Merseyside, England
Vail CO, Colorado

My family and I, plus a group of five friends, have just returned from a fabulous skiing holiday in Vail, our fourth vacation there in 10 years. It goes without saying that we love Vail, the facilities and the people.

Unfortunately, there is always something or somebody around who is willing to put a “wrench in the works,” and in our case, that somebody was an Officer Gibbons of the Colorado State Patrol. Whether or not he was over-zealous in his efforts to increase his quota of traffic summons, or thought that tourists were an “easy touch”, only he can tell, but one thing is sure, our two drivers would never have knowingly broken the state road laws. The crime that my son and Mr. Sean Wheeler committed is stated on the enclosed copy of the summons and complaint sheet. There was no drunken driving, reckless driving or speeding ” it was purely a minor misdemeanor. Common sense should decree that such a case should warrant only a warning, especially as we were foreigners.

To put matters into perspective, I have estimated that my family and the Wheeler group have contributed over $100,000 to the area this season, what with flights, accommodations, meals, skiing and passes, purchases and car hire, etc., etc. Next year that revenue will go to somewhere in Europe, not Colorado. We are not concerned with the $134 joint fine, we would be delighted if it went to a charity, but we are concerned about Officer Gibbons’ attitude. Officers of his ilk should be advised that being tourist-friendly is more of a help than a hindrance.

I sincerely regret that I feel strongly enough to write this complaint, but to be candid, if we did not all love the Vail and Aspen areas as much as my family does, we would not bother.

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