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Letter: Vote GOP? Are you kidding?

David LeVine
Vail, CO Colorado

Regarding Butch Mazzuca’s column last week:

Butch, when you belittled Mr. Obama’s quest for “unity,” you hit the proverbial nail right on the head! Let’s not even think about ending the idiotic partisanship that has given us a government that has accomplished almost nothing! A great future is assured when the R.N.C. will do “anything” to prevent the Democrats from being associated with even a minor success! Yeah, Butch, hang in there for stupid, opinionated elected officials who won’t even listen to a different point of view! Hurrah for party politics! Ignore the fact that 70 percent of us believe that our country is “on the wrong track!”

Oh yes, and let’s be sure to vote Republican; after all it’s the party of Reagan and the Bushes. It is those three aces who have blessed us with tax cuts, wars and a huge military industrial complex that have resulted in $6 trillion of debt (out of our current total of $9 trillion). Oh yes, vote Republican if you wish to watch the debt pile up, the value of the dollar continue to go down, and our tax money go to the countries of China and the Middle East as interest payments.

And finally, continue to criticize other leaders, bully other countries, and drive world opinion of America further down. But above all, belittle the lofty aims of Mr. Obama! Right on, Butch!

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